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LAKELAND, Fla., Feb. 25, 2000 (PRIMEZONE) -- The following is market news from SmartPortfolio.Com, Inc., providing premium stock analysis on Internet stocks, stock splits, and IPOs at:

Stock prices and percentage gains are reflective of February 25, 2000 at 6:30 PM, EST.

Commerce One up 213%, BroadVision up 48%, DoubleClick up 70%, and Brocade Communications up 117.50% since being profiled in the Smart!Reports.

SmartPortfolio.Com offers investors premium newsletter services, including the Smart!Internet Report, the Smart!IPO Report and the Smart!Splits Report. Some of the stocks that have been profiled in past issues of the Smart!Reports (see below) have soared since we highlighted them in our Reports. To read about promising Internet stocks and IPOs, as well as anticipated stock splits, investors are invited to try a 2-week free trial to one or more of the Smart!Reports by visiting:

Commerce One (Nasdaq:CMRC)--Up 460% Since Smart!Internet Profile

The Smart!Internet Report on October 8, 1999 indicated that there was substantial upside in the business-2-business (B2B) sector, and more particularly, that there was significant upside with Commerce One. On the date of that report, the shares closed at a split-adjusted 38. Commerce One closed up 34 1/16 (up 19.03%) to 213 1/16 on Friday, which represents a 460% gain since that report. With nearly $1.5 trillion in goods and services expected to be transacted between business using the Internet by 2003, Commerce One has positioned itself well to become a market leader in this lucrative industry. The Smart!Internet Reports focuses on leading internet companies and provides extensive analysis on players in several internet sectors, including broadband services and hardware, e-consulting, enablers, e-financials, infrastructure stocks, portals, internet security, and more.

To find out more about Commerce One and other B2B outperformers, please go to:

BroadVision (Nasdaq:BVSN)--Up 48% Since Smart!Splits Profile

The Smart!Splits Report on January 23, 2000 forecasted that BroadVision would likely split its shares 3:1. On February 9, 2000, the company announced that it would split its shares 3:1; the ex-date was set for March 14, 2000. Investors acting on the previous Smart!Splits Report were able to jump into BroadVision at 162--it closed up 11 5/16 (up 4.94%) to 240 1/2 on Friday, representing a gain of 48% since the date of the report.

To find out more about anticipated stock splits, please go to:

DoubleClick (Nasdaq:DCLK)--Up 70% Since Smart!Internet Profile

The Smart!Internet Report first analyzed DoubleClick on September 15, 1999 and again on October 21, 1999. In those reports, we explained why we are bullish on the leading Internet advertising firm -- DoubleClick's business strategy and its commanding position within the online advertising sector make it an attractive investment. On September 15, DoubleClick shares closed at just under 54 on a split-adjusted basis; on Friday, they closed at 91 13/16, which represents a 70.3% gain since the date of that report. With worldwide Internet advertising spending expected to grow from approximately $3.3 billion in 1998 to approximately $33.1 billion in 2004, DoubleClick is well-positioned to continue its impressive performance, particularly given the firm's strong international presence.

To find out more about DoubleClick and other players in the online advertising market, please go to:

Brocade Communications (Nasdaq:BRCD)--Up 117.50% Since Smart!Internet Profile

The Smart!Internet Report analyzed Brocade on December 15, 1999 as part of our overall discussion of the storage area networks sector. In that report, we pointed to Brocade's significant investments in product development and technology infrastructure, its relationships with industry-leading original equipment manufacturers, and the substantial experience of its management and technical personnel in the fibre channel industry as success factors for the company. Brocade shares closed at 122 7/8 on the date the company was analyzed; on Friday, they closed at 267 1/4, which represents a 117.50% gain since the date of that report.

To find out more about Brocade and other players in the storage area networks market, please go to:


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